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2017 Remaster    
A1        Still Of The Night
A2        Bad Boys
A3        You're Gonna Break My Heart Again
A4        Straight For The Heart
A5        Here I Go Again 87
B1        Give Me All Your Love
B2        Is This Love
B3        Children Of The Night
B4        Crying In The Rain
B5        Don't Turn Away
Bonus Material    
C1        Still Of The Night (2017 Remix)
C2        Is This Love (2017 Remix)
C3        Give Me All Your Love (2017 Remix)
C4        Here I Go Again 87 (2017 Remix)
C5        Looking For Love
D1        Here I Go Again (Live)
D2        Is This Love (Live)
D3        Give Me All Your Love (Live)
D4        Still of the Night (Live)

Whitesnake – 1987

מק"ט: 0190295785178
150.00 ₪מחיר
אזל מהמלאי
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