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A1    Yellow Submarine    2:33
A2    Hey Bulldog    3:07
A3    Eleanor Rigby    2:02
A4    Love You To    2:54
A5    All Together Now    2:06
A6    Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds    3:22
A7    Think For Yourself    2:14
A8    Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band    2:04
A9    With A Little Help From My Friends    2:34
B1    Baby You're A Rich Man    2:57
B2    Only A Northern Song    3:19
B3    All You Need Is Love    3:40
B4    When I'm Sixty Four    2:34
B5    Nowhere Man    2:38
B6    It's All Too Much    6:17

The Beatles – Yellow Submarine Soundtrack

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