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A1    Closing Time    4:33
A2    Singing In My Sleep    4:32
A3    Made To Last    5:04
A4    Never You Mind    4:24
B1    Secret Smile    4:36
B2    DND    4:11
B3    Completely Pleased    3:17
B4    This Will Be My Year    4:32
C1    All Worked Out    2:52
C2    California    5:29
C3    She Spreads Her Wings    3:06
C4    Gone To The Movies    3:52
The 1998 B-Sides
D1    Long Way From Home    
D2    I'm A Liar    
D3    Beautiful Regret    
D4    Makin' A Plan

Semisonic ‎– Feeling Strangely Fine

מק"ט: 602567491163
150.00 ₪מחיר
אזל מהמלאי
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