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Act One    
A1        Streets
A2        Jesus Saves
A3        Tonight He Grins Again
A4        Strange Reality
Act Two    
B1        A Little Too Far
B2        You're Alive
B3        Sammy and Tex
B4        St. Patrick's
B5        Can You Hear Me Now
Act Three    
C1        New York City Don't Mean Nothing
C2        Ghost In The Ruins
C3        If I Go Away
C4        Agony And Ecstasy
Act Four    
D1        Heal My Soul
D2        Somewhere In Time
D3        Believe
D4        Larry Elbows (Bonus Track)

Savatage – Streets (A Rock Opera)

מק"ט: 0217079EMU
170.00 ₪מחיר
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