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A1    Enchantment (2011 Remastered)    
A2    Hallowed Land (2011 Remastered)    
A3    The Last Time (2011 Remastered)    
B1    Forever Failure (2011 Remastered)    
B2    Once Solemn (2011 Remastered)    
B3    Shadowkings (2011 Remastered)    
C1    Elusive Cure (2011 Remastered)    
C2    Yearn For Change (2011 Remastered)    
C3    Shades Of God (2011 Remastered)    
D1    Hands Of Reason (2011 Remastered)    
D2    I See Your Face (2011 Remastered)    
D3    Jaded (2011 Remastered)

Paradise Lost ‎– Draconian Times (25th Anniversary Edition)

מק"ט: 194398146317
150.00 ₪מחיר
אזל מהמלאי
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