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Kill 'Em All (Remastered)

A1Hit The Lights,Written-By – Hetfield*, Ulrich*4:17

A2The Four Horsemen,Written-By – Mustaine*, Hetfield*, Ulrich*7:08

A3Motorbreath,Written-By – Hetfield*3:03

A4Jump In The Fire,Written-By – Mustaine*, Hetfield*, Ulrich*4:50

A5(Anesthesia) - Pulling Teeth,Written-By – Burton*3:27

A6Whiplash,Written-By – Hetfield*, Ulrich*4:06

B1Phantom Lord,Written-By – Mustaine*, Hetfield*, Ulrich*4:52

B2No RemorseWritten-By – Hetfield*, Ulrich*,6:24

B3Seek & Destroy,Written-By – Hetfield*, Ulrich*6:50

B4Metal Militia,Written-By – Mustaine*, Hetfield*, Ulrich*6:06

Live At Espace Balard, Paris, France - February 9th, 1984

C1The Ecstasy of Gold,Written-By – Ennio Morricone3:46

C2Hit The Lights,Written-By – Hetfield*, Ulrich*4:17

C3The Four Horsemen,Written-By – Mustaine*, Hetfield*, Ulrich*7:26

C4Jump In The Fire,Written-By – Mustaine*, Hetfield*, Ulrich*4:36

D1Phantom Lord,Written-By – Mustaine*, Hetfield*, Ulrich*5:02

D2No Remorse,Written-By – Hetfield*, Ulrich*6:25

D3Ride The Lightning,Written-By – Burton*, Mustaine*, Hetfield*, Lars Ulrich6:26

E1Motorbreath'Written-By – Hetfield*3:06

E2(Anethesia) - Pulling TeethWritten-By – Burton*3:11

E3WhiplashWritten-By – Hetfield*, Ulrich*4:20F1Seek & Destroy

Written-By – Hetfield*, Ulrich*7:21

F2Metal MilitiaWritten-By – Mustaine*, Hetfield*, Ulrich*7:50

Picture Disc: Jump In The Fire EPG1Jump In The Fire

Written-By – Mustaine*, Hetfield*, Ulrich*4:40

H1Seek & DestroyWritten-By – Hetfield*, Ulrich*7:02

H2Phantom LordWritten-By – Mustaine*, Hetfield*, Ulrich*4:53

Kill 'Em All (Remastered)

CD1-1Hit The Lights,Written-By – Hetfield*, Ulrich*4:17

CD1-2The Four Horsemen,Written-By – Mustaine*, Hetfield*, Ulrich*7:08

CD1-3Motorbreath,Written-By – Hetfield*3:03CD1-4 Jump In The Fire

Written-By – Mustaine*, Hetfield*, Ulrich*4:39

CD1-5(Anethesia) - Pulling Teeth,Written-By – Burton*4:14

CD1-6WhiplashWritten-By – Hetfield*, Ulrich*4:06

CD1-7 Phantom Lord,Written-By – Mustaine*, Hetfield*, Ulrich*4:52

CD1-8 No Remorse,Written-By – Hetfield*, Ulrich*6:24

CD1-9 Seek & Destroy

Written-By – Hetfield*, Ulrich*6:50

CD1-10 Metal Militia

Written-By – Mustaine*, Hetfield*, Ulrich*5:09

Interview & Radio IDs

CD2-1 Metal Force Magazine Interview With Lars1:10:09

CD2-2 Radio IDs With Lars, James And Cliff From 1984 1:10

Kill 'Em All Rough Mixes From Lars' Vault & The Whiplash EP Tracks

CD3-1 Motorbreath (Rough Mix)Written-By – Hetfield*3:13

CD3-2 Hit The Lights (Rough Mix)Written-By – Hetfield*, Ulrich*4:21

CD3-3 (Anesthesia) – Pulling Teeth (Rough Mix)Written-By – Burton*4:28

CD3-4 Seek & Destroy (Rough Mix)Written-By – Hetfield*, Ulrich*6:56

CD3-5 Phantom Lord (Rough Mix)Written-By – Mustaine*, Hetfield*, Ulrich*5:04

CD3-6 Whiplash (Rough Mix)Written-By – Hetfield*, Ulrich*4:15

CD3-7 The Four Horsemen (Rough Mix)

Written-By – Mustaine*, Hetfield*, Ulrich*7:12

CD3-8 Seek & Destroy ("Not Live" From The Automatt)

Written-By – Hetfield*, Ulrich*6:59

CD3-9 Phantom Lord ("Not Live" From The Automatt)Written-By – Mustaine*, Hetfield*, Ulrich*4:49

CD3-10 Jump In The Fire,Written-By – Dave Mustaine, Hetfield*, Ulrich*4:43

CD3-11 Whiplash (Special Neckbrace Remix)Written-By – Hetfield*, Ulrich*4:10

CD3-12 Seek & Destroy (“Live” At The Automatt)Written-By – Hetfield*, Ulrich*7:03

CD3-13 Phantom Lord (“Live” At The Automatt)Written-By – Mustaine*, Hetfield*, Ulrich*4:53

Live At J Bees Rock III, Middletown, NY - January 20th, 1984

CD4-1 The Four HorsemenWritten-By – Mustaine*, Hetfield*, Ulrich*5:46

CD4-2 Jump In The Fire,Written-By – Mustaine*, Hetfield*, Ulrich*5:14

CD4-3 Fight Fire With Fire,Written-By – Burton*, Hetfield*, Ulrich*5:32

CD4-4 Ride The Lightning,Written-By – Mustaine*, Hetfield*, Ulrich*7:13

CD4-5 Phantom Lord,Written-By – Mustaine*, Hetfield*, Ulrich*5:21

CD4-6 Seek & DestroyWritten-By – Hetfield*, Ulrich*7:47

CD4-7 Whiplash,Written-By – Hetfield*, Ulrich*6:35

Live At The Keystone, Palo Alto, CA - October 31st, 1983CD5-1 Hit The Lights,Written-By –Hetfield*, Ulrich*4:25

CD5-2 The Four Horsemen,Written-By – Mustaine*, Hetfield*, Ulrich*7:29

CD5-3 Jump In The Fire,Written-By – Mustaine*, Hetfield*, Ulrich*5:00

CD5-4 Fight Fire With FireWritten-By – Burton*, Hetfield*, Ulrich*5:36

CD5-5 Ride The Lightning,Written-By – Burton*, Mustaine*, Hetfield*, Ulrich*7:54

CD5-6 Phantom Lord,Written-By – Mustaine*, Hetfield*, Ulrich*5:34

CD5-7 When Hell Freezes Over,Written-By – Burton*, Mustaine*, Hetfield*, Ulrich*9:10

CD5-8 Seek & Destroy,Written-By – Hetfield*, Ulrich*7:22

CD5-9 (Anesthesia) - Pulling Teeth,Written-By – Burton*,2:35

CD5-10 Whiplash,Written-By – Hetfield*, Ulrich*5:48

CD5-11 Creeping Death,Written-By – Burton*, Hetfield*, Hammett*, Ulrich*7:48

CD5-12 Guitar Solo2:40

CD5-13 Metal Militia,Written-By – Mustaine*, Hetfield*, Ulrich*,7:45

Live At The Metro, Chicago, IL - August 12th, 1983

DVD-1 Hit The LightsWritten-By – Hetfield*, Ulrich*6:26

DVD-2 The Four Horsemen,Written-By – Mustaine*, Hetfield*, Ulrich*7:55

DVD-3 Jump In The Fire,Written-By – Mustaine*, Hetfield*, Ulrich*4:46

DVD-4 Phantom Lord,Written-By – Mustaine*, Hetfield*, Ulrich*6:21

DVD-5 No Remorse,Written-By – Hetfield*, Ulrich*6:59

DVD-6 (Anesthesia) - Pulling Teeth,Written-By – Burton*4:21

DVD-7 Whiplash,Written-By – Hetfield*, Ulrich*4:39

DVD-8 Seek & Destroy,Written-By – Hetfield*, Ulrich*7:35

DVD-9 Guitar Solo 3:23

DVD-10 Metal Militia,Written-By – Mustaine*, Hetfield*, Ulrich*8:21

DVD-11 Credits 0:20

Metallica-Kill 'Em All

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