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A2Main Title - The Cowboys2:27

A3The Hands Quit1:44

A4The Boys1:05

A5Wil And Ann2:34

A6The Kids And Crazy Alice2:01


A8Anybody That Tall1:12

A9Training Montage1:32

A10Long Hair And The Roundup2:26

A11Nightlinger's Tale1:47

B1To Belle Fourche1:46

B2The First Night1:56

B3Burning Daylight1:02

B4Learning The Ropes (Vivaldi - Concerto In D)


B5Sour Mash2:03

B6Long Hair's Threat1:20

B7Mrs. Collingwood's Girls1:42


B9Afraid Of The Dark1:42

B10Charlie's Demise2:00

B11Charlie's Burial1:37

C1Long Hair Trails4:08

C2Long Hair And Dan1:29

C3Summer's Over1:51

C4Drums Of Manhood And The Execution5:56

C5Into The Trap2:18

C6The Battle1:27

C7End Title And End Cast2:23

D1Entr'acte (Segment)1:01

D2Nightlinger's Tale (Alternate)1:47

D4Long Hair's Threat (Alternate)1:26

D4The Execution (Alternate)4:21

D5Into The Trap (Alternate)2:17

D6End Title And End Cast (Alternate)2:21

D7Exit Music

John Williams – The Cowboys (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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