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A1 Wild OneWritten-By – Dio*, Robertson*4:02

A2 Born On The SunWritten-By – Bain*, Dio*, Robertson*, Appice*5:39

A3 Hey AngelWritten-By – Dio*, Robertson*4:59


B1 Between Two HeartsWritten-By – Dio*, Robertson*6:27

B2 Night MusicWritten-By – Bain*, Dio*, Robertson*5:05


C1 Lock Up The WolvesWritten-By – Bain*, Dio*, Robertson*8:30

C2 Evil On Queen StreetWritten-By – Dio*, Robertson*, Cook*6:01

C3 Walk On WaterWritten-By – Johansson*, Dio*, Robertson*3:42


D1 TwistedWritten-By – Bain*, Dio*, Robertson*, Appice*4:44

D2 Why Are They Watching MeWritten-By – Dio*, Robertson*5:04

D3 My EyesWritten-By – Johansson*, Dio*, Robertson*6:34

Dio ‎– Lock Up The Wolves

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