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Twist in My Reality

If there’s one album that belongs in every collection, it’s the debut from Twist in My Reality. Your parents loved it, and we hope your kids will, too. More fun than a day at the beach, and just as bright. Pick up a copy of the classic LP today when you stop by Ray's heritage.

Album Cover

Sunshine's Lost

Have you heard the new album from Sunshine's Lost? It’s a surefire hit, and you’ve got to include it in your collection. Whether you appreciate a great chorus or love to bang your head, you’ll be obsessed as soon as you check out this one. Stop by today and pick up your copy.

Album Cover

Flying low

It’s soulful, it’s funky, it’s modern and it can be all yours. Stop by Ray's heritage today and grab your copy of the new album from Flying low. You’ll be glad you did. Then blast that sucker in your car and wake up the neighbors. It’s the hit of the summer!

Album Cover
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