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A1        Overture
A2        Vaudeville Villain
A3        Lickupon
A4        The Drop
A5        Lactose & Lecithin
B1        A Dead Mouse
B2        RaeDawn
B3        Let Me Watch (feat Apani B as Nikki)
B4        Open Mic Nite Pt. 1 (feat Brother Sambuca, Lord Sear, Louis Logic, Rodan as Dr Moreau)
C1        Saliva
C2        Modern Day Mugging
C3        Open Mic Nite Pt. 2 (feat AJ Ready Wright, Creature, Lord Sear)
C4        Never Dead (feat M Sayyid as Curtis Strifer)
D1        Pop Snot
D2        Mr Clean
D3        GMC
D4        Change The Beat

Viktor Vaughn – Vaudeville Villain

מק"ט: 826257037015
200.00 ₪מחיר
אזל מהמלאי
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