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A1    Scorpio's Dance (First Movement)    0:37
A2    Alaska Country    3:51
A3    Sally Was A Good Old Girl    3:30
A4    Daemon Lover    6:00
A5    Scorpio's Dance    3:40
A6    Little Cooling Planet    3:58
A7    I Love Voodoo Music    3:58
B1    Seven Is A Number In Magic    2:58
B2    Keep It If You Want It    2:51
B3    Water Boy    2:30
B4    Send Me A Postcard    2:39
B5    Mighty Joe    3:12
B6    Hello Darkness    2:52
B7    Pickin' Tomatoes    3:19

Shocking Blue ‎– Scorpio's Dance

מק"ט: 8712944331462
130.00 ₪מחיר
אזל מהמלאי
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