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A1    Overture (Sands Of Time Act I)    4:37
A2    Eyes Of Agony (Sands Of Time Act II)    3:26
A3    Dials (Sands Of Time Act III)    8:08
A4    Hourglass (Sands Of Time Act IV)    5:42
B1    Sands Of Time (Sands Of Time Act V)    5:40
B2    Arrowhead    5:07
B3    Out of the Strong Came Sweetness    5:32
C1    Queen Of Insanity    4:39
C2    Blades    4:24
C3    Gift Divine    6:26
D1    Tantibus    4:01
D2    Shards- Pt. I: Birds    4:43
D3    Shards- Pt II: Shadow    4:04
D4    Shards- Pt III: Gravity    4:21

Scardust ‎– Sands of Time

מק"ט: 647213312867
130.00 ₪מחיר
אזל מהמלאי
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