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A1    What's The Frequency, Kenneth?    
A2    Crush With Eyeliner    
A3    King Of Comedy    
A4    I Don't Sleep, I Dream    
A5    Star 69    
A6    Strange Currencies    
B1    Tongue    
B2    Bang And Blame    
B3    I Took Your Name    
B4    Let Me In    
B5    Circus Envy    
B6    You    
Monster Remixed
C1    What's The Frequency, Kenneth? (Remix)    
C2    Crush With Eyeliner (Remix)    
C3    King Of Comedy (Remix)    
C4    I Don't Sleep, I Dream (Remix)    
C5    Star 69 (Remix)    
C6    Strange Currencies (Remix)    
D1    Tongue (Remix)    
D2    Bang And Blame (Remix)    
D3    I Took Your Name (Remix)    
D4    Let Me In (Remix)    
D5    Circus Envy (Remix)    
D6    You (Remix)    

R.E.M. ‎– Monster

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