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A1        Fairground
A2        I Want You
A3        Being Followed Home
A4        Master Of The Universe
A5        Life Must Be So Wonderful
B1        There's No Emotion
B2        Anorexic Beauty
B3        The Never-Ending Story
B4        Don't You Know
B5        They Suffocate At Night
Bonus tracks taken from the singles 'Little Girl (With Blue Eyes)' & 'Dogs Are Everywhere'    
C1        Little Girl (With Blue Eyes)
C2        Simultaneous
C3        Blue Glow
C4        The Will To Power
C5        Dogs Are Everywhere
C6        The Mark Of The Devil
D1        97 Lovers
D2        Aborigine
D3        Goodnight
Extra bonus tracks    
D4        Tunnel
D5        Manon

Pulp – Freaks. Ten Stories About Power, Claustrophobia, Suffocation And Holding

מק"ט: 0809236100511
170.00 ₪מחיר
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