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A1    Straight To Hell    
A2    All My Life    
A3    Goodbye    
A4    Ordinary Man
Engineer – Dominik Gryżboń, Matt Still
Featuring – Elton John
Piano – Elton John
Vocals – Elton John
Written-By – Billy Walsh (3)
A5    Under The Graveyard    
B1    Eat Me
Backing Vocals – Kelly Osbourne
Harmonica – Ozzy Osbourne
B2    Today Is The End    
B3    Scary Little Green Men
Guitar – Charlie Schein
B4    Holy For Tonight    
B5    It's A Raid
Featuring – Post Malone
Keyboards – Louis Bell (4)
Written-By – Louis Bell (4)

Ozzy Osbourne ‎– Ordinary Man

מק"ט: 0194397184518
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