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A1        The Monster Roars    3:57
A2        Remember    5:06
A3        All You Believe In    5:01
B1        I Won't Let You Down    3:57
B2        The Present Not The Past    5:27
B3        No Steppin' Stones    3:57
C1        That Freedom Word    4:52
C2        Your Blood Is Violence    6:44
C3        Walk The Silent Hours    4:51
D1        The Day After The Night Before    4:23
D2        Come Holy Men    5:01
D3        Can't Buy Yourself A Heaven    5:00

Magnum The Monster Roars

מק"ט: 886922441059
170.00 ₪ מחיר רגיל
136.00 ₪מחיר מבצע
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