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A1    American Idiot    2:54
Jesus Of Suburbia    (9:07)
A2.I    Jesus Of Suburbia    
A2.II    City Of The Damned    
A2.III    I Don't Care    
A2.IV    Dearly Beloved    
A2.V    Tales Of Another Broken Home    
B3    Holiday    3:52
B4    Boulevard Of Broken Dreams    4:20
B5    Are We The Waiting    2:42
B6    St. Jimmy    2:54
C7    Give Me Novacaine    3:25
C8    She's A Rebel    2:00
C9    Extraordinary Girl    3:34
C10    Letterbomb    4:06
C11    Wake Me Up When September Ends    4:44
Homecoming    (9:18)
D12.I    The Death Of St. Jimmy    
D12.II    East 12th St.    
D12.III    Nobody Likes You    
D12.IV    Rock And Roll Girlfriend    
D12.V    We're Coming Home Again    
D13    Whatsername    4:12
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Green Day ‎– American Idiot

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