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Relax (From Soft To Hard, From Dry To Moist)
A1        The Party Trick (Acting Dumb)    3:52
A2        The Special Act (Adapted From The Sex Mix)    4:31
A3        The US Mix (Come Dancing)    4:31
A4        The Single (The Act)    3:54
A5        Later On (From One September Monday)    1:33
A6        Ferry Across The Mersey (…And Here I’ll Stay)
Two Tribes (Keep The Peace)
B1        Two Tribes (Keep The Peace, Intro)    0:25
B2        One February Friday (Singlette Version, Part 1)    0:40
B3        Two Tribes (At Madison Square Garden, The Carnage, The Annihilation)    15:27
B4        One February Friday (Singlette Version, Part 2)    1:08
B5        War (Somewhere Between Hiding And Hidden)
B6        One February Friday (Singlette Version, Part 3)    0:22
B7        Two Tribes (Keep The Peace, Outro)    0:06

Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Altered Reels

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