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A1    Bridge Burning
Keyboards – Rami Jaffee
A2    Rope
Keyboards – Rami Jaffee
A3    Dear Rosemary
Guitar, Vocals – Bob Mould
B1    White Limo    
B2    Arlandria
Percussion – Drew Hester
B3    These Days    
C1    Back & Forth
Percussion – Butch Vig
C2    A Matter Of Time    
C3    Miss The Misery
Backing Vocals – Fee Waybill
D1    I Should Have Known
Bass, Accordion – Krist Novoselic
Mellotron – Rami Jaffee
Violin – Jessy Greene
D2    Walk
Organ – Rami Jaffee

Foo Fighters ‎– Wasting Light

מק"ט: 0886978449313
120.00 ₪מחיר
אזל מהמלאי
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