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A1 Martyr

A2 Leechmaster

A3 Scapegoat

B1 Crisis

B2 Crash Test

B3 Flesh Hold

B4 Life Blind

C1 Scumgrief

C2 Natividad

C3 Big God/Raped Souls

C4 Arise Above Oppression

C5 Self Immolation

C6 Suffer Age

D1 W.O.E.

D2 Desecrate

D3 Escape Confusion

D4 Manipulation

E1 Martyr (Suffer Bastard Mix)

E2 Self Immolation (Vein Tap Mix)

E3 Scapegoat (Pigfuck Mix)

F1 Scumgrief (Deep Dub Trauma Mix)

F2 Self Immolation (Liquid Sky Mix)

F3 Scapegoat (Pigfuck Mix) (Instrumental)

F4 Scumgrief (Deep Dub Trauma Mix) (Instrumental)

Fear Factory – Soul Of A New Machine

מק"ט: 0081227880620
220.00 ₪מחיר
אזל מהמלאי
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