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Breaking The Chains (1983)

1-1Breaking The Chains

1-2In The Middle


1-4I Can't See You

1-5Live To Rock (Rock To Live)


1-7Seven Thunders

1-8Young Girls

1-9Stick To Your Guns

1-10Paris Is Burning (Live In Berlin, December 1982)

Tooth And Nail (1984)

2-1Without Warning

2-2Tooth And Nail

2-3Just Got Lucky

2-4Heartless Heart

2-5Don't Close Your Eyes

2-6When Heaven Comes Down

2-7Into The Fire

2-8Bullets To Spare

2-9Alone Again

2-10Turn On The Action

Under Lock And Key (1985)

3-1Unchain The Night

3-2The Hunter

3-3In My Dreams

3-4Slippin' Away

3-5Lightnin' Strikes Again

3-6It's Not Love

3-7Jaded Heart

3-8Don't Lie To Me

3-9Will The Sun Rise

3-10Til The Livin' End

Back For The Attack (1987)

4-1Kiss Of Death


4-3Night By Night

4-4Standing In The Shadows

4-5Heaven Sent

4-6Mr. Scary

4-7So Many Tears

4-8Burning Like A Flame

4-9Lost Behind A Wall

4-10Stop Fighting Love

4-11Cry Of The Gypsy

4-12Sleepless Nights

4-13Dream Warriors

Dokken – The Elektra Albums 1983-1987 דיסק

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