A1	1985	
A2	Thrasher's Abbatoir	
A3	Cadaver Pouch Conveyor System	
A4	A Congealed Clot Of Blood	
A5	The Master Butcher's Apron	
B1	Noncompliance To ASTM F899-12 Standard	
B2	The Granulating Dark Satanic Mills	
B3	Unfit For Human Consumption	
C1	316L Grade Surgical Steel	
C2	Captive Bolt Pistol	
C3	Mount Of Execution	
Bonus Tracks
D1	A Wraith In The Apparatus	
D2	Intensive Battery Brooding	
D3	Zochrot	
D4	Livestock Marketplace	
D5	1985 (Reprise)

Carcass ‎– Surgical Steel

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