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A1    First Light
Alto Saxophone – Mel Collins
Bass – Richard Sinclair
Drums, Other [Nocarina, Teeth, Cheek, Turkish Ring] – Andy Ward (2)
Guitar [6-string], Twelve-String Guitar, Panpipes – Andrew Latimer
Synthesizer [Mini-Moog, String] – Peter Bardens
A2    Metrognome
Bass, Vocals – Richard*
Drums, Percussion, Other [Money] – Andy*
Electric Piano, Organ, Synthesizer [String] – Peter*
Guitar – Andrew*
Tenor Saxophone – Mel*
A3    Tell Me
Clarinet, Bass Clarinet – Mel*
Electric Piano, Synthesizer [Mini-Moog] – Peter*
Finger Cymbals, Glockenspiel – Andy*
Fretless Bass, Backing Vocals, Flute – Andrew*
Lead Vocals, Harmony Vocals – Richard*
A4    Highways Of The Sun
Acoustic Guitar, Vocals – Andrew*
Bass, Concert Flute – Mel*
Bass, Other [Wicket Keeper] – Richard*
Drums, Percussion, Other [Liquid Boo Bams] – Andy*
Electric Piano, Piano [Acoustic], Organ, Synthesizer [Mini-Moog, String] – Peter*
B1    Unevensong
Bass, Vocals [1st] – Richard*
Clavinet, Synthesizer [Mini-Moog, String], Electric Piano, Horn [Car Horn] – Peter*
Drums, Rototoms, Percussion – Andy*
Guitar, Vocals [2nd] – Andrew*
B2    One Of These Days I'll Get An Early Night
Bass – Richard*
Drums, Percussion [Talking Drum], Percussion, Other [Smurd] – Andy*
Guitar – Andrew*
Piano – Peter*
Saxophone [All] – Mel*
Trombone – Malcolm Griffiths
Trumpet – Martin Drover
B3    Elke
Electric Piano, Piano [Acoustic], Synthesizer [Mini-Moog, String], Guitar [Fuzz], Flute – Andrew*
Harp – Fiona Hibbert
Synthesizer [Mini-Moog], Electric Piano, Piano [Acoustic], Other [Random Notes], Bells – Eno*
B4    Skylines
Alto Saxophone – Mel*
Drums, Whistle [Swanee], Drums [Tunisian Clay Drums] – Andy*
Electric Piano, Synthesizer [Mini-Moog, String] – Peter*
Guitar [16-String], Twelve-String Guitar, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Guitar [Feedback], Bass Guitar, Other [Sore Fingers] – Andrew*
Other [A.W.O.L.] – Richard*
Trombone – Malcolm Griffiths
B5    Rain Dances
Guitar [Pizzicato], Glockenspiel, Piano [Treated] – Andrew*
Other [Umbrella] – Andy*, Richard*
Soprano Saxophone, Other [Umbrella] – Mel*
Synthesizer [String, Mini-Moog] – Peter*

Camel ‎– Rain Dances

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