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I. The Cleansing Of The Promised Land
A1    The Ninth Wave    9:28
A2    Twilight Of The Gods    4:50
II. The Awakening
A3    Prophecies    5:26
B1    At The Edge Of Time    6:54
III. Disturbance In The Here And Now
B2    Ashes Of Eternity    5:39
IV. The Mirror Speaks
B3    Distant Memories    5:51
V. Disturbance In The Here And Now (Reprise)
C1    The Holy Grail    5:59
VI. The Descending Of The Nine
C2    The Throne    7:54
VII. The Fallen And The Chosen One
C3    Sacred Mind    6:22
D1    Miracle Machine    3:03
VIII. Beyond The Red Mirror
D2    Grand Parade    9:28

Blind Guardian ‎– Beyond The Red Mirror

מק"ט: 0727361327217
160.00 ₪מחיר
אזל מהמלאי
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