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Fatum Horrificum    
A1a        Graveyard    
A1b        1884    
A1c        Daniel And Abby    
A1d        Fatum    
A1e        Why?!    
A1f        Guilty    
A2        Daniel's Descent Into Transitus
A3        Listen To My Story
B1        Two Worlds Now One
B2        Talk Of The Town
B3        Old Friend
B4        Dumb Piece Of Rock
B5        Get Out! Now!
B6        Seven Days, Seven Nights
C1        Condemned Without A Trial
C2        Daniel's Funeral
C3        Hopelessly Slipping Away
C4        This Human Equation
C5        Henry's Plot
D1        Message From Beyond
D2        Daniel's Vision
D3        She Is Innocent
D4        Lavinia's Confession
D5        Inferno
D6        Your Story Is Over!
D7        Abby In Transitus
D8        The Great Beyond

Ayreon – Transitus

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